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Attachment Styles

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Attachment Styles: We’ve all heard of them, but what do they really mean? Attachment styles are characterized by different ways of interacting and behaving in relationships. For instance, in children it is a direct observation of how a child and parent interact. In adulthood it is an interaction among romantic partners.

So what do each of these styles even mean!? Real Life Counseling is here to tell you.

1. Secure Attachment: Confident, Reciprocal, Non-reactive, Resilient

2. Anxious Preoccupied: Emotional hunger, Fantasy bond, Lack of nurturing, Turbulence.

3. Dismissive Avoidant: Isolation, Ambiguity, Ambivalence, Emotionally Distant.

4. Fearful Avoidant: Internal conflict, Dramatic, Unpredictable, Ambivalence.

Here at Real Life Counseling we can help you become self-aware of your attachment style and teach you ways to cope through relationships as well as be able to explain it to those close to you. We want to help YOU understand and accept who you are so your relationships can flourish and so can you

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