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Impulsive Teenagers!

November 28, 2017

When will they learn!  When will pull their stink’n heads out of their ____________ (add your favorite body part).

In calm situations, teenagers tend to reason and make decisions in shockingly similar ways to their adult counterparts.

But in hot, tense, or urgent situations adolescents will lean toward high risk/high reward choices or gravitate to instant gratification over delayed gratification almost every time.  This biological predisposition of the not yet fully developed adolescent brain manifests itself as impulsivity, out bursts, or just plain weird behavior.

Our greatest strength among those of us who care for young people is an awareness where they are in life, grace for their impulsivity, and gentle, consistent redirection.  Because we remember it was not long ago when we jumped off the same ledges the are finding today.

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