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Overwhelmed?! This can help.

I’m Jake Tracy, MA, LLPC a counselor at Real Life Counseling of Northern Michigan in Petoskey.  We help children, teens, families and adults thrive!

Today, we’ve got some simple tips, for those overwhelming days. What to do when you or some one you love is feeling overwhelmed! Identify the feeling.  Try to put words to exactly what your feeling.  Don’t be afraid to name exactly what your feeling.

The monster under your bed is only scary because you don’t know what it is.  Name it.  Observe it.  Describe it fully.  Then you can know how to fight it.

Journaling: Journaling does not have to be perfect. Draw, misspell things, complete sentences?!  of course not.  Lists.  Rankings.  When you write it down, when you journal you slow your mind down and retake control over the racing thoughts.  Don’t shy away from processing.  Let your mind wander and ponder.  Every day.  Slow down, review today, dream about tomorrow, then you can snap back to reality, to routine.

Next: Feel it.  Be present with the feeling of anxiety.  Don’t shy away from it.  Mindful Describe exactly what your feeling.  Sit up straight, breath deep.  Breath in control.  Use your belly. What thoughts are racing through your mind.  Sometimes sentences play in our head on repeat.  Usually they aren’t helping.  Catch it, change it.

Full on Panic attack? Grounding. Name: 5 things you can see.   4 things you can touch.   3 things your can hear.   2 things you can smell.   1 thing you can taste.

One at a time: What is the next thing you need to do?  Not all the things?  Just the next one? What is the next thing you need to do?  Focus all your attention on that one thing.  Finish it.  Celebrate completing it.  Now repeat: what is the next thing

To avoid this kind of anxiety in the future a few simple tweaks to toss into life one bite at a time:  Hydrate, Exercise, Vegetables, Bed Time.

If you’d like to learn more or stay connected follow us on Facebook at Real Life Counseling of Northern Michigan. If you or someone you love is struggling with overwhelming anxiety this season, take the first step.  Reach out to a professional who can help.   You can find us at to learn more about online or in person counseling to get the help you need.

Stay healthy friends.

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