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What is Counseling?!

Counseling/ Therapy/ Psychotherapy: We’ve all been told how we should go, but what does it look like? Going to counseling for the first time can be scary and weird. We want to normalize that going to therapy is healthy. As a counselor, our most important goal is about the relationship we build with you. It is not about us giving your advice or judging you rather it is about ensuring you feel heard and validated! Your first session typically looks like building a rapport with one another and ensuring you and your counselor are a good fit. We as counselors are here to SERVE you. We are on your side and want to join your journey to healing alongside you. If you are ready to take control of your life book a session with Jake or Libby at real life counseling or call 231-753-8055! We do this work because we love to help people and believe in the power of counseling.

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