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Do I Need Therapy?

So how do you know if you need counseling? If you are struggling to decide if now is the time to reach out for help, here are a few things to consider.

Do you feel stuck, like no one could possibly understand what you are feeling? Yes, you may need counseling. Are you struggling with negative thoughts and feelings that you have no idea how to manage? Talking with a professional could be beneficial to work through those thoughts. Do you feel like you have no one to confide in and just need a safe space to vent? Counseling could help. Are you just sick and tired and want a better life? Therapy could be the place to start your new journey.

Everyone needs help from time to time. We are all met with struggles that feel insurmountable, but therapy can help you explore what you are feeling and experiencing. So often, we have to power through our day to get through work, to pay the bills, to get dinner on the table, and we start to feel numb. Our emotions are buried under a mountain of to-do lists, and we no longer know what we are feeling or what we really want in our life. We can start to feel like we are destined to a monotonous loop of survival mode.

It is important to process our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors so we can understand how they interact and affect one another, but more importantly the why.

Why do I feel anxious all the time? Why do I worry so much? Why do I feel worthless when I know I am not? Oftentimes, why is a huge question we just can’t seem to answer on our own. Maybe you can’t answer that question because you have spent so much time ignoring and covering up your emotions just to get by. This is where therapy can help. It is a place to unburden those hidden and masked feelings and help you find the why. When you finally uncover the why and begin to understand it, you can move towards a solution. It isn’t easy or quick, but it is worth it. Changing your life for the better is worth it.

If you are tired of feeling like you are trapped in a cycle and doomed to feel hopeless, therapy could help you.

Call 231-622-5800 to schedule a session.

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